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Think of Jovie as your “yes” button for important work meetings, a quiet dinner, or some well-deserved me-time. Our reliable, professional babysitters are ready to help you say “yes” to family, work, and life.

We do the work of finding in-home babysitters. We screen and train babysitters who have amazing skills and love the work they do. Ley our babysitters care for your children while you take care of the rest of your life, leaving you with more time and energy for togetherness, fun, and joy.

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On-demand childcare

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With our babysitters, you choose when you need help. A babysitter can be there to make busy schedules fit together or to put date nights back on the calendar. No matter the reason, Jovie babysitters provide the support your family needs to thrive and find balance.

Professional on demand childcare

babysitters are just
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With our My Jovie app, you can view and choose a babysitter for the time and day you need, right from your phone. We spend the time “sweating the small stuff” to help you find an amazing, vetted babysitter. We take care of tasks like hiring, payroll, and professional training, allowing parents to give their time and energy to other priorities.

professional childcare for date night

the time you need to get it all
done and thrive

Whether you need a babysitter for work, to nurture relationships, or just to take a little breather, our flexible babysitters fill in the gaps to make your life smoother, more productive, and more doable.

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Today's families are constantly juggling it all - work, home, school, and social life. It takes time and energy to find, interview, and train a nanny or babysitter. That's why Jovie is here, reimagining these services to help your family thrive.

Our goal is to be your trusted resource for reliable nanny and babysitter services. We spend time "sweating the small stuff" like hiring, payroll, and professional caregiver training, so parents don't have to. We connect families to nannies and babysitters with the skills and know-how to make your day-to-day routines better and your family stronger.