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FAQ's for Families

We start right away to find a nanny for your family. This process usually takes 2-6 weeks, depending on your family’s unique needs. In the meantime, we take care of your immediate childcare needs through our reliable Jovie sitters. Our Jovie sitters offer a temporary solution for the childcare you need while we find the right ongoing nanny for your family.

We work quickly to find several sitters in your area. This process can take up to a week, depending on your family’s unique needs. Once you have met with a local Jovie team, you will be able to start scheduling sitters with the My Sitters app.

Safety and trustworthiness are very important at Jovie. Our background checks are run by an accredited national provider. This screening includes an address history report covering residence, work, and school history. The screening pulls data and looks for records in county, state, and federal criminal history and sexual predator databases.

Our pricing varies depending on the needs of each family. Pricing includes a placement fee and an hourly wage rate. This rate includes the caregiver’s wage, taxes and insurance coverage. Our families also enjoy access to ongoing professional guidance from Jovie placement professionals and access to our back up care services. Once we’ve learned more about your specific needs, we can offer your family a detailed quote and price range.

We find our nannies and babysitters from a wide variety of trusted connections and ongoing recruiting efforts. We look for caregivers in many stages of life, from college students to retirees who love kids and offer great childcare skills. Some of our outstanding caregivers are referred to us by families who love working with us. Nannies seek us out because they want to work with an established childcare company that offers them professional development and guidance.

While many of our caregivers are in college or have completed some type of post-secondary education, we do not solely recruit from college students or college graduates. We recruit caregivers from any age and stage who love children and have the right childcare skills.

Jovie directly pays your caregiver through our administrative and payroll system. We bill our families for childcare on a bi-weekly basis. Jovie takes care of the tough stuff like state and local taxes, insurance and payroll so you can focus on other things in life. To make sure you’re always in the loop, you can see your family’s detailed time logs anytime through our secure online family resource center.

When you invite someone new into your home, you want to make sure they’re ready for anything and everything. We bring you well-trained, qualified, and simply outstanding people who are eager to help you and your family out. Our local teams train and educate each caregiver who works at Jovie. Training starts with an orientation and continues throughout the caregiver’s career at Jovie. These trainings include ongoing instruction on child safety and how to have age-appropriate fun with children.

If the nanny placement doesn’t work out during the first 12 weeks, we’ll find your family a new nanny as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you’ll have access to outstanding childcare through our Jovie sitters.

FAQs for Business & Event Childcare

Jovie can provide care for events at a variety of locations – corporate campuses, hotels, picnic areas, parks, religious campuses, schools, stadiums, country clubs, sports clubs, yoga studios, and sports events. We do require space parameters for sign-in/out, different age groups of children, and other safety-based considerations.

Absolutely – Jovie can provide care almost anywhere. We come fully prepared to safely manage an on-site event for children. We also arrive and set up with toys, games, crafts, and age-appropriate activities.

Our proven process includes assigning program managers who work with a company from the first steps in planning. We have fully trained teams of lead and event sitters who ensure the safety and security of the children while they have a great time. Our sitters come from all walks of life and are fully vetted and screened. All our sitters must demonstrate childcare experience, provide professional references, and pass an extensive background check including city, county, state, and federal screenings.

We can care for newborns to age 17 and include age-appropriate activities.

Yes. We ask that arrangements be made in advance. Giving care to special needs children may require different staffing plans depending on the care level required.

Staffing ratios vary by level of care and age of the children. Generally, more sitters are required for younger children and infants. Our ratios will be different for ages 0-3, 4-12, and 13+.