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Get the flexible childcare options that organizations and event planners need. Our caregivers offer outstanding and professional care, whether you need childcare for one or 1,000 children. If there are many children to manage for a large event, Jovie can provide a lead sitter to help your team plan and coordinate care on the day of the event.

Our caregivers fill in the gaps for many types of organizations and events where fun and reliable childcare makes the event a success. Jovie can help you plan for one-time childcare needs, or make a plan for ongoing care.


Read below to find out more about our specific childcare services for businesses, events, and special occasions. If you don’t see the specific care situation you need, please reach out to us for help and more information.

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hands on childcare for business events

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provided childcare for business events and confrences

childcare for conferences and events

Ensure everyone from your organization can attend and focus on your event by providing reliable and safe childcare. Jovie offers childcare for large and small events whether they a few hours or several days. We even provide care for the children of professional sports teams during their games. We’ll coordinate with you to match our fun and vetted babysitters with your organization’s needs.

childcare for weddings and special events

weddings, reunions, and special events

Make certain your special day or event is fun, easy, and memorable for all your guests. Jovie can take care of the children in a home or at the event venue, whatever works best for your event and guests. Whether it’s for a wedding, reunion, or another type of get together, Jovie can handle the childcare while adults participate and enjoy time together.



childcare for church events

childcare for religious organizations

Let Jovie take care of the childcare for your one-time or ongoing religious meetings or events. This lets your volunteers or group leaders attend to tasks for your organization while Jovie caregivers help with the childcare. Our sitters are screened and ready to help the kids at your organization stay safe, focused, and have fun. With Jovie childcare in place to help your organization, you’ll always have enough childcare workers to keep your children’s programs running and fully staffed.


childcare for working parents

back up care and employee
benefits programs

Establishing a back up care program for your business helps retain great employees. When employees know their children will have great care, even if other childcare falls through, they can relax, focus on their work, and develop an appreciation for this valuable employee benefit. Jovie can work with your human resources or leadership team to craft an employee benefit program that fits your organization.

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vacation and hotel childcare

Jovie provides childcare to vacationing families who need a sitter to watch their children while they participate in activities or enjoy an evening out. We also partner with hotels and resorts to offer easy and safe childcare options for their vacations. Our vacation babysitters can watch the children in the room while the parents get a date, or the sitters can help parents and accompany the whole family on outings and adventures.


daycare, gym, and club childcare

Finding last-minute substitute teachers for your daycare or kid’s club can be difficult and stressful. Jovie caregivers can step in and fill those spots so you can keep your patrons happy and optimal child-to-teacher ratios in place. We can be the reliable back up childcare option when your daycare or gym needs a substitute teacher.  

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childcare that makes family life a little smoother

in-home childcare to help your family thrive.

Today's families are constantly juggling it all - work, home, school, and social life. It takes time and energy to find, interview, and train a nanny or babysitter. That's why Jovie is here, reimagining childcare.

At Jovie, our goal is to be your trusted resource for reliable childcare. We spend time "sweating the small stuff" like hiring, payroll, and professional caregiver training, so parents don't have to. We connect families to nannies and sitters with the skills and know-how to make your day-to-day routines better and your family stronger.