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We provide reliable nanny and babysitter services to families in Arvada. We know how important it is to find the right help for your family, that's why our nannies and babysitters are experienced, carefully screened, and vetted to help your family thrive.

We offer full and part-time nannies and on-demand babysitters so you can balance your family, personal, and professional life. Jovie of Arvada can also provide childcare services for conferences, events, parties, and business meetings. We're locally owned and operated and part of your community - here to provide exceptional support to your family when you need it most.

Your Jovie team in Arvada, CO is here to help you find the perfect childcare fit for your family, whether that means a full-time nanny, after-school help, or a night out with friends. Jovie in-home childcare turns way-too-busy into way-more-fun for kids and parents. Our team is here for you today, tomorrow, and for as long as you need us. Reach out to your local Jovie office in Arvada today.

We need you. Smart, capable, ready for anything.

We are hiring smart and capable caregivers who are ready to make a difference! Become a part of an amazing childcare team that is passionate about kids and loves building lasting relationships with families. We have been Building Stronger Families® in Arvada, Broomfield, Westminster, Lafayette, Erie, Brighton and surrounding communities since 2018. Locally owned and operated, we are part of your community.

Meet the Team

Peter C.

Peter C.

Franchise Owner + Customer Relations

Building Stronger Families is the purpose of the company and a lifelong passion for Peter. As the owner of the Arvada + Broomfield (Denver) and Colorado Springs franchises, Peter brings 16+ years of experience working with Jovie to each family and caregiver. Peter understands what it's like as a busy family juggling daily obligations and looking for extra support. He spends time in our communities and outdoors with his wife Kelley and two daughters. Even though his girls will tell you he loves solving a great math problem, his real passion is helping families, organizations, and caregivers meet their goals.

Jayden G

Jayden G

Employee Relations Manager

Jayden finds and trains our new caregivers. She loves connecting with new people, learning about their passions and goals, and developing mutually beneficial relationships. Jayden started babysitting as a teenager in high school through college and worked at several overnight summer camps. She's excited to meet new candidates and is always willing to give out great career advice.

Sherylyn M.

Sherylyn M.

Recruitment and Sourcing Manager

Sherylyn finds and trains our new caregivers. Sherylyn knows how to have fun with kids of all ages! She loves figuring out what they are interested in and trying new activities with them. Sherylyn has been babysitting since High School and took child development classes. She was also a 3rd grade teacher’s assistant. Sherylyn joined our team in 2022 and is loved by so many of our families. Most recently, she worked as a full-time nanny for a family of 3 children when the youngest was 4 months old. Sherylyn believes she is a good role model because she is passionate, confident, unique, and respectful. These are qualities that children should look up to. She hopes that with my limited influence, she can catapult them into an amazing future. Sherylyn grew up in Sonoma, CA. She came to Denver for new adventures! She is very understanding of people and can adapt to many different situations.