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We provide reliable nanny and babysitter services to families in Port Washington. We know how important it is to find the right help for your family, that's why our nannies and babysitters are experienced, carefully screened, and vetted to help your family thrive.

We offer full and part-time nannies and on-demand babysitters so you can balance your family, personal, and professional life. Jovie of Port Washington can also provide childcare services for conferences, events, parties, and business meetings. We're locally owned and operated and part of your community - here to provide exceptional support to your family when you need it most.

Jovie serves communities on the North Shore of Long Island by providing reliable in-home child care. Whether you need full-time, part-time, after-school, or weekend childcare services, we work with you through each step of hiring the right nanny or babysitter for your family.

We need you. Smart, capable, ready for anything.

Become a part of an amazing childcare team that is passionate about kids and loves building lasting relationships with families.

Meet the Team

Rowan Hewson

Rowan Hewson

Recruiting Manager

Rowan has been working in the Talent Acquisition industry for almost five years. Majority of her recruiting experience is in tech, but in March of 2024 she took on the role of Recruiting Manager at Jovie. Rowan graduated from Ursinus College (right outside of Philadelphia) in 2018 with a BA in English with a minor in Film Studies. She officially moved to Philadelphia from New York in 2020.