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We provide reliable nanny and babysitter services to families in Bethesda. We know how important it is to find the right help for your family, that's why our nannies and babysitters are experienced, carefully screened, and vetted to help your family thrive.

We offer full and part-time nannies and on-demand babysitters so you can balance your family, personal, and professional life. Jovie of Bethesda can also provide childcare services for conferences, events, parties, and business meetings. We're locally owned and operated and part of your community - here to provide exceptional support to your family when you need it most.

We need you. Smart, capable, ready for anything.

Become a part of an amazing childcare team that is passionate about kids and loves building lasting relationships with families.

Meet the Team

Caitlin G.

Caitlin G.

Family Placement Manager

Caitlin is the region manager and a mom that has a passion for working with families. She is committed to helping provide solutions to families looking for safe and loving childcare or useful and effective tutoring. She believes in meeting educational goals to promote confident, self-directed learners. Overall she is dedicated to delivering responsible, enthusiastic, and inventive role model nannies, sitters, and tutors to our community. She graduated from the University of Minnesota, Duluth with a BS in biology and a MS in integrated biosciences. She discovered her talent and interest in teaching while in university. She tutored undergraduate general biology students and taught microbiology laboratory. Later she worked as an elementary school teacher in South Korea and as a native English assistant in a high school in France. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys playing with her daughter and spending time with her husband. She likes playing soccer, traveling to new places, and making new friends.

Lunlesha W.

Lunlesha W.

Recruiting Manager

I am Lunlesha Walters. I have an extensive background with over 10 years of experience in childcare, working with children of all ages. I started my childcare career working as a daycare teacher then a preschool teacher’s aide before joining the Jovie team. I am passionate about working with children, watching them grow into their personalities and explore their imaginations as they learn. I take pride in ensuring children’s safety when in my care, and I’m committed to providing exceptional services for my families. As I expand my horizons in my new field and continue to grow with Jovie as the new Recruiting Manager, I am excited to bring on board role models that shares the same sentiments and passion about children as I do. It is also very important to me that our role models are carefully chosen as they play a very important role in families lives, hence, I strive to recruit with our families in mind. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and supporting current and future role models so as a team we can continue to provide exceptional services to our families while demonstrating positive leadership skills to the children we care for. Together we’ll leave it better!

Adriana T.

Adriana T.

Regional Talent Manager

Hi, my name is Adriana Thompson. I serve as the Role Model Manager for our Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. offices. I began working with Jovie in 2017 as a caregiver. For two years, I took joy in providing exceptional care as a role model and helping build stronger families. In 2019, I was given the opportunity to grow with the company and maneuvered into my current position as Role Model Manager. Over the past five years, I have used my experience as a caregiver and my educational background to give caregivers the proper tools to be the best role models possible. I love what I do and can genuinely say that I am a proud member of the Jovie family!