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Jovie of Downton St Louis, Fenton and Chesterfield has been Building Stronger Families® in St Louis and the surrounding communities since 2018. Locally owned and operated, we are part of your community, here to serve your family.


Whether your family needs the quality care that comes from one of our role model nannies or babysitters, we are committed to helping you build a stronger family. Please contact us today to schedule a personal family consultation.


Are you representing a corporation with a family event coming up? Church who needs reliable childcare. Or are you planning a special event like a wedding? No worries. We specialize in group care events also! 

Meet the Team

Need the right Nanny or Sitter... right now? We'll find your family's perfect fit.


Tara B.

Franchise Owner

Building Stronger Families resonates with me because as a busy professional mom balancing work, my children's sports and school and life it gets hectic. I feel strongly that one of Jovie's core strengths is to help families balance the chaos. We can't eliminate it but we can try!


Brittni M.

General Manager

Within minutes of talking with me, you will see my passion for doing what I do and for Building Stronger Families. From working as a nanny and babysitter myself, I know that who you bring into your home strongly impacts the overall health of a family. As I moved up in my career I realized that I could still be involved with helping families by finding that similar passion that I had, in others. The moment when a family meets their nanny or sitter match and it just clicks, is the moment I live for because not only have you found exactly what they wanted, you have found exactly what they needed. I believe your family plus our team is the perfect equation to Build a Stronger Family.


Raquel F.

General Manager

One theme which always stands out to me when I am speaking to families, is how much parents need help with today's busy lifestyle. Parents are juggling a myriad of responsibilities and life keeps getting faster. My favorite part of my job is when I can explain to families that we can help find their missing piece. To me, Building Stronger Families means allowing families to worry less, make more memories, have more quality time, and find some peace.

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