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We need you.
Smart, capable, ready for anything.

Become a part of an amazing childcare team that is passionate about kids and loves building lasting relationships with families. 


Join Our Care Team

Make every work day matter.

  • Set your own schedule Whether you want steady hours or need flexibility, you choose your workload.
  • Control how many hours you work You adjust your work hours—even weekly if you like—to balance with other commitments.
  • Create relationships You’ll gain life-changing experiences with children and deep connections with parents.
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Finding the Right Match

We take the time to get to know every family, so we can help you find the right fit for your skills and personality.

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Be a steady, caring presence.

Our nannies become an important part of life for parents and kids. Our nannies share that working with families not only fits their job needs today, but also sets the stage for other successes in life.

1 Home Nanny Service
Feeling important to both the family and the child you watch is the greatest feeling. It is so fulfilling.

Brea M.
—Nanny, Parkville, Missouri

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Be an extra set of hands – what every parent needs.

As a Jovie sitter, you’ll meet a variety of families and kids. You’ll enjoy reliable work while you control your own schedule.

2 Home Sitter Service
I love being somebody who is not only a mentor, but a friend at the same time.

Sitter, Phoenix, Arizona

What to Expect


Let's Get Together

Apply online, then we’ll meet in person, or virtually to get to know each other better.


Get Prepped

We offer upfront training so you're ready to go for your first assignment.


Find Your Families

Set your schedule, and you’ll be matched with families that are the right fit.

In Their Own Words

Every nanny and sitter gets something different out of their experience—and steady employment is just the start.

Brea M.

Nanny, Parkville, Missouri

Feeling important to both the family and the child you watch is the greatest feeling. It is so fulfilling.

Camille J.

Sitter, Barton Springs, Texas

I get to be a kid, for a living. I could not ask for anything better.

Megan V.

Sitter, Del Mar, California

If I see that a parent is struggling with their day, I'm going to do a little bit extra to make sure that I made their day a little bit better. It’s my way of leaving the homes I work in better.

Gabriela G.

Nanny, Phoenix, Arizona

Being a sitter means you get to meet a variety of families and kids, plus have complete flexibility in when and how often work.

Annie Y.

Nanny, Barrington, Illinois

What I love most about my job is just spending time with children and getting to instill really important values into their lives. But most importantly, I love giving back to the families I work with.

Your wonder app is here

The app keeps you on track, up-to-date, and focused on what’s most important – great childcare for the families you work with.


Manage When You Work

Build your part or full-time schedule, choosing days and hours when you’re available.


Your Schedule in Your Hands

Easily keep track of all your upcoming childcare assignments. 


One-Click Timesheets

Submit hours on your way out the door – our app makes tracking time easy.  

Find Openings Near You

Ready to get started?

Reach out and apply to find out more about working as a Jovie caregiver.