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Plan for the Perfect Summer


Full-Time + Part-Time, Flexible Summer Care Solutions


We understand your summer child care needs may look different as you continue to adapt to changing work schedules, the need for safety, and capacity restraints with summer programs. We can help. Wave good-bye to summer child care hassles and give your children a summer they'll always remember, full of active play, new adventures and a whole lot of fun under the sun. Book your summer childcare today!

We match people, not profiles.


We take the time to get to know your family, so we can find you the right nanny. No algorithm can do that.

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Why College Nannies?

Child care is a big decision for your family. There are lots of great choices. You want a nanny who feels like part of the family; someone reliable and organized yet nurturing and fun. We have your perfect match, plus the support you need to make employing your nanny easy.

  • green-check-college-nannies RIGHT-SIZED RATIOS
    Your kids deserve the one-on-one attention only a nanny can provide.
  • green-check-college-nannies FAMILY FIT
    We go beyond computerized profiles to find a nanny with the experience, skills and availability you need.
  • green-check-college-nannies VALUES MATCH
    Shared values set the stage for building lasting relationships. We work hard to ensure your nanny fits right in.
  • green-check-college-nannies COVERAGE GUARANTEED
    In emergencies and life’s little pinches, we take care of finding you an awesome sub.
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Why College Nannies Instead of Private Nannies?

College Nannies promises what online portals and job boards don’t: guaranteed reliability, over-the-top service and a professional commitment to your child’s safety and wellbeing.

    All our nannies are carefully vetted, with background checks at the city, county, state and federal levels, so you can feel confident they’re trustworthy for your family.
  • green-check-college-nannies PROFESSIONAL TRAINING
    Formal training and ongoing guidance ensure your nanny is top notch for you and your kids.
  • green-check-college-nannies DETAILS DONE
    From payroll to legal compliance to all the paperwork, we make employing a nanny easy.
  • green-check-college-nannies COVERAGE IN A PINCH
    In emergencies and the inevitable crunches, we’ll find you a great fill-in.
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Our Approach

our approach tell us what you need


Tell Us What You Need

We take the time to listen and understand your family’s challenges and wish lists.

  • green-check-college-nanniesTalk about your needs
  • green-check-college-nannies Set goals
our approach meet our team


Meet our team

We’re all about people, not algorithms, and believe there’s no better way to get to know you than in person.

  • green-check-college-nannies Answer all your questions
  • green-check-college-nannies Put your mind at ease
  • green-check-college-nannies Clearly understand your family’s unique needs
college sitter with kids


Find Your Ideal Nanny

There are so many awesome nannies to choose from. We’ll help you find the right match.

  • green-check-college-nanniesThe hours and expertise you need
  • green-check-college-nanniesThe personality and values you want
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Enjoy Ongoing Support

We want you to have a great experience—and we go above and beyond to make it happen.

  • green-check-college-nannies Ongoing training and support
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You're Always Covered

Whether it's full-time, part-time, or just for the summer - we have a nanny for you.


Full-Time Nannies

With a College Nanny on your team, your kids get the care and attention they deserve, even when you’re on the run. And with jam-packed schedules, work commitments and household responsibilities, who’s not running?

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Sitter Pushing Swing

Part-Time Nannies

Let’s turn way-too-busy into way-more-fun. Just tell us what you need, from one afternoon to multiple days a week, and we’ll find the perfect fit you’ve been looking for.

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part-time nanny

Summer Nannies

Wave good-bye to summer child care hassles and give your kids a season they’ll always remember, full of active learning, new adventures and a whole lot of fun under the sun.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Using our proven Complete Family Approach®, we work quickly to find you a great nanny. This process usually takes 2-6 weeks, depending on your family’s unique needs. During this time, we have you covered. Our sitter service offers a reliable, temporary solution for the child care your family needs.


This depends on your family’s unique needs. Our pricing structure includes a placement fee and an hourly wage rate, which includes the Nanny’s wage, taxes, insurance coverage, ongoing professional guidance from your CNST placement professional and access to our backup Sitter service. Once we’ve learned more about your specific needs, we’ll quote you a detailed rate range.


Our proprietary background screen conducted by an accredited national provider include address history report covering residence, work and school history screening county, state, federal criminal history and sexual predator database.

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It’s easier than you think to put an extraordinary nanny on your home team.

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We’re always seeking outgoing, reliable individuals to join our team of professional nannies.

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