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Jovie of Boston
Contact Us
1762 Massachusetts Ave Suite 201
Lexington, MA 02420

Now hiring Full-Time and Part-Time Nannies and Professional Sitters

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Office Hours
Monday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday Closed
Servicing Boston, Lexington, Andover, Reading, North Shore and surrounding areas
  • Nannies
  • Sitters
  • Business & Events

connecting families with the childcare they need

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meet Jovie of Boston

We provide reliable nanny and babysitter services to families in Boston. We know how important it is to find the right caregiver for your family, that’s why our nannies and sitters come with childcare experience and are carefully screened and vetted. We’re here to fill in the childcare gaps so your family can thrive.

We offer full- and part-time nannies and on-demand babysitters so you can balance your family, personal, and professional life. Jovie of Boston can also provide childcare services for conferences, events, parties, and business meetings. We’re locally owned and operated and part of your community — here to provide exceptional childcare and support to your family.

Jovie Boston serves Boston, Brookline, Lexington, Medford, Andover, Reading, the North Shore and all the surrounding communities by providing reliable in-home childcare and specialized event care. When you need help finding the right childcare solution that works best for you, that’s where we come in: your helpful, reliable and savvy childcare squad. We personally connect families and businesses with incredible caregivers who care for the kids, manage the day, and give parents a bit more time to do their day-to-day. It's as important to us as it is to you that you have the best childcare plan in place: full-time, part-time, anytime.

Our Childcare Services


Jovie will find the perfect childcare fit for your family – a full-time or part-time nanny that makes your routines better and your life a bit smoother. Whether you need childcare for the 8-to-5 hustle, after school, or just during the summer, Jovie will help you find a nanny that feels like part of the family.


Jovie’s reliable and vetted sitters will give you the time back you need to put date night and a bit of me-time back on the calendar. Our sitters are ready to help you say yes to family, work, and life -- to find balance and a way to thrive.

Business & Events

Jovie can provide childcare for businesses, organizations, and special events. We plan and manage childcare for conferences, parties, weddings, business meetings, and employee backup care. Whatever the event, you’ll know the kids are safe and having fun with Jovie caregivers.

We need you. Smart, capable, ready for anything.

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Become a part of our amazing childcare team that is passionate about kids and loves building lasting relationships with families. We LOVE our tribe and providing the scaffolding and support to make you an incredible caregiver. Schedule an interview today to join our team! CLICK HERE: https://calendly.com/d/2wj-cyw-28p/jovie-boston-interview

Meet the Team

Delilah A
Delilah A
Owner | General Manager

Delilah acquired Jovie Lexington in 2019, and from there she went on to take on Jovie Boston, Jovie North Shore and Jovie New Hampshire. Her focus is quality not quantity, healthy and happy relationships, engagement and retention, and loving the Jovie Boston care team. Prior to Jovie, Delilah was the founder of Knowing Nanny, a personality assessment tool focused on childcare and helping families to understand caregivers and their personalities better. Before that, she spent 15+ years in footwear marketing with Skechers, Saucony, Keds and Sperry Top Sider. As a mother of 2, and being the oldest of 5 sisters, Delilah understands the challenges families go through balancing work and life. Making that balance a little easier by providing wonderful care is her priority. Whether it is through a nanny placement, sitter care or specialty event care, she wants your experience to be a positive one and a service you tell all your friends and family about!

Dylan M
Dylan M
Recruitment | Nanny Manager

Dylan joined Jovie Boston in 2020 after spending over a decade as a professional nanny.  She has an extensive background in customer service, management, and childcare. She understands what a day in the life of a nanny is truly like, and she also knows the needs of parents when seeking a childcare solution.  With this firsthand experience Dylan is able to understand all types of care situations, provide ongoing support, love, and training to the Jovie Boston team. She takes the time to listen to her team, continuously motivating them to go above and beyond.  Dylan feels it is important to give the team recognition, support and the ability to grow.  She does all of this with a genuine smile and a true passion for her role. With the overwhelming amount of recognition the team receives, our happy Jovie Boston family adores her. When she is not in the office, Dylan spends her free playing the guitar, traveling and being outdoors!

Savanna M
Savanna M
Scheduling Manager

Savanna wakes up every morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to help busy parents in the Jovie Boston community find the right fit for their in home and backup care needs. Her background is in business development, graphic and user experience design. Savanna’s passion for making the booking process as smooth as possible for the parents and the nannies has made her the perfect fit here at Jovie. Savanna has lived in Chicago with her partner, Will, and her cat, Georgia, for 10 years. She is a foodie who loves experimenting with unique recipes and trying new restaurants while exploring the city. She is so happy to have found her place here at Jovie, because she thrives in environments that challenge her to efficiently solve problems while keeping the experience seamless and positive for everyone involved.

Brittany K
Brittany K
Scheduling Coordinator

Brittany joined Jovie Boston in the Fall of 2022 and has over five years of experience as a nanny and more than four years as a teacher; she has developed a deep passion for helping others. Brittany lives with her fiancé Josiah and her 3 rescue cats Marylin, Charlotte, and Sebastian as well as her Axolotl, Aurora. She is an adventurous person who loves trying new restaurants and experiencing new things. Brittany has a love for nature which is evident in her free time activities. She enjoys spending time outdoors, painting, reading, traveling, and listening to music. She is so happy to be here at Jovie, she loves helping out families and is a great problem solver. Brittany uses her experience in childcare and administration to help match awesome nannies with different families to ensure a good match.

Tyh C
Tyh C
Recruitment Coordinator

Tyhgita, also known as “Tyh the Dancer” , has been part of the Jovie Boston team for over 3 years starting as a nanny when the Covid pandemic began. She is also a performer, choreographer and fine arts educator who loves to stay active and engaged. Tyh has been a fabulous addition to the nanny team and worked all aspects of the Jovie caregiver role. She has done nanny placements, on-call sitter bookings, and events. She has now stepped into an office role as a Recruiter to help with finding the ideal Jovie team mates. When Tyh isn't recruiting our fabulous caregivers, she teaches dance and drama, private lessons and community classes to all levels. Tyh loves being a part of the Jovie Boston family!

Chloe M
Chloe M
Scheduling Coordinator

Chloe’s passion for caregiving and the local community energizes her work at Jovie Boston. She approaches her role with an open mind and heart to ensure that families and nannies are taken care of with the utmost attention to detail. Chloe brings to the scheduling team her years of experience working with children and parents in a variety of settings. From her work as a full-time nanny, volunteering at the local after school programs, to working in clothing stores for young girls. Alongside her enthusiasm for caregiving, she has a passion for creativity with a degree in fashion and business administration. When she’s not working on perfecting the scheduling at Jovie, you can find her hiking with her dog Lily, traveling the world, and making all of her friends laugh with her witty humor.