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Your academic success is something to be proud of and College Tutors gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and make a difference.

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A Better Path to Tutoring Work.

No need to put up tutor-for-hire flyers or worry about getting paid. Our process matches you with the right kids and the right work.

  • Resume-worthy
    By working through a credible agency, you’ll have a resume-worthy experience, complete with references.
  • Flexible Schedule
    You control how often you are available to offer tutoring services, and can change your schedule when needed.
  • Steady Work
    We find opportunities that are available on an ongoing basis, so you won’t be surprised by sudden pauses or stops.
  • Access to Learning Center
    Our Learning Centers are welcoming, no-distraction environments for you to meet and work with your students.
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Help a Student Reach New Heights.

Working one-on-one with a student who’s struggling or who’s preparing for an important exam is a chance to make a true difference.

  • Be a Role Model
    Your confidence, work ethic and patience will set the tone for a child who wants to achieve.
  • Be Helpful
    Tutoring not only changes students’ skills, but also their attitude toward lifelong learning.
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Teach by Example. Inspire by Being You.

Whether a high schooler is preparing for ACT and SAT exams, or a younger student is struggling with a particular subject, it’s a chance for you to make a difference in how a kid learns, today and throughout their life.

College Preparation

Help students master techniques and learn content to improve scores.

The secret to essay writing is practice and feedback, and you’ll help high schoolers with both.

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Homework Help

Once a student falls behind, it’s difficult to catch up. You’ll help kids in the 5th grade and up stay on track.

Math and Science are challenging for many kids—but with your help, they can become lifelong passions.

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What to Expect


Let’s Get Together

Apply online, then we’ll be in touch to learn more about your expertise and interest in helping students.


Get Prepped

We’ll train you with our materials, methods and proven process for success.


Find Your Families

Set your schedule, and be matched with tutoring in your areas of expertise.

Less Stress. More Learning.

Finding tutoring opportunities can be time-consuming, plus there’s no guarantees on steady work. Unless you work with us.


A Process that Works for You

Families are pre-screened, children’s needs are assessed, and only then do we bring the right opportunities to you.


Delivery Options

Sometimes tutoring needs to be remote, sometimes at home works better. And sometimes a center environment is best.

As a College Tutor you will be there with the learning resources and training to help students be successful.

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What Do You Bring?

Your academic background will qualify you as a tutor—but you also need the right attitude and energy.

Highly Motivated

Involved, Organized Student

Ability to Relay Knowledge Effectively

Exceptional ACT/SAT Test Scores

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